Carnitas de Mayo

Carnitas de Mayo

BrainSTORMING about Cinco de Mayo- flashback to my introductin to Carnitas in Baltimore, MD. A gorgeous pile of shredded pork simmering in a hot bath within a pot above which lingered a citrus mist, scents of cinnamon spice pervading the kitchen and permeating my nostrils. Out of the pot, the pork was spread thin in a single layer and thrown under the broiler to develop a crispy crust, awaiting its knight in shining armor (me of course) to rescue it from the flames. With great valor, I lifted it out of the fiery furnace and wrapped it in the comfort of a flour tortilla and dressed it (cilantro-lime rice, cheese, lettuce, pico, sour cream) and provided it shelter within the depths of my stomach- and my heart. From that day on, I began my life’s mission- rather the week’s mission to find the best of carnitas. A found nothing that compared to my first love. Maybe it’s just not a strength of Baltimore. I don’t know if my intro was one of authenticity, but it was definitely, deliciously rememorable.

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