“So Much Room for Activity!…”

Welcome to Virginia. Day 1, Master Chief warned the team, “I need you to be flexible. Don’t just nod your head, ‘Yes, Master Chief but throw a fit when things change'” Things have changed. Since arriving, I’ve been slowly settling in. But my mind hasn’t quite settled. I’ve tried time and again to post this, disturbed by multiple interruptions and “flexibility exercises”. I’ve unpacked most of my things but now to unpack my thoughts…


Cruising down the coast, I imagined hours of driving would clear my mind. We find ourselves in the most dangerous places when we just let go and think freely, reminded to get back on course when things shake up a bit- particularly when confronted by the indented asphalt ridges under your front left tire. Driving requires some sorta focus.

Once I made it to my hotel, stretching out my arms and legs, en route to a much needed restroom break, it dawned on me the cost of having so many people that express care for you, to recognize and return that love and courtesy. I thought of the list of people that I owed calls and texts to assure them of my safe arrival.

Room key in hand, I swung the door open. One queen-size bed, wardrobe, TV, desk, fridge, stove top…”so much room for activity.” I recognized that being away from my normal duties and responsibilities, I had to determine to remain focused and productive.


Even as we were further informed of the nature of training and competition and the various opportunities for growth and development, the thought returned to my mind: “So much room for activity!” It’s important though that that space is not crowded with activity but is filled with top notch productivity. Focus on a main thing and follow through to completion.

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