Thinking of a Master Plan

imageHey! How’s it goin. Little bit of time on my hands so I figured I’d say hi and let you know what’s going on. I’m sure there’s an elaborate climatic way to say this but I don’t have it right now.

Ever heard of the show MasterChef? Yeah, the show on FOX  Gordon Ramsey taking the lead as head judge, where thousands from across the country audition and then hundreds audition again to perhaps make it into the graces of he judges or possibly be terrified by Chef Ramsey and in the end leave with their lives transformed-for example leaving with the title MasterChef, a cook book, and if I’m correct, a quarter million dollars!! Yeah, that’s the one. Well here I am at the Hyatt Regrncy in Boston awaiting my turn to present my dish. The lobby is filled with excitement, nerves, and for some anxiety or exhaustion. I’m excited and hungry. Can’t figure out who to call next, what to read, or what to think.

At the start of the month, one of my Navy Chiefs and a friend from work tagged me in a link on Facebook ( that mentioned MasterChef would be in Boston today. Something had gotten a hold of me! Her name though, I believe was Fear, Uncertainty, Indecision, Busy, dare I say…Procrastination. “What if I don’t have time to stay for filming?” “What should I make?” When I going to have time to prepare?” Well two nights ago, Esteemed that someone would nominate me for the show, I finally put the Excuses to rest in order to give life to a signature dish. But I would still have to figure out what to make. But here’s the catch, or maybe a perk: competitors would bring in a prepared dish with 3 minutes to plate and complete the dish. No cooking or warming equipment would be provided. I was told the judges are aware and are not considering temperature, but being a hungry cook and judge myself, I thought “Yeah right!” Could I think of a dish that should be served at room temp? Savory? Dessert? My friends were throwing ideas at me: ceviche, salsa, ribs…

I was looking for a dish that epitomized my skill and personality. I didn’t want to overdo it or die in the details. I woke up this morning, earlier than necessary but couldn’t rest until it was settled. Rolled over to the right side of my queen-sized, grabbed my phone and browsed pictures of dishes I’ve prepared before and would definitely be able to execute again.

GOT IT! Got up. Got myself together. I wrote my gameplan and identified my grocery list. Out of one door and into one me door of my  pearl blue 2 door Civic. I arrived at the grocery store on a mission, knowing what I’d need. I pondered changes as my eyes were teased and my brain tickled.

imageBack to the apartment, avoiding a frenzy. Prep began. Chicken was marinated, rice to the simmer, green beans blanched, glaze bubbling. My cast iron skillet, or Griswold, was on the stove, smoking. I seared my chicken and threw in the oven to finish.Was I good to go? I cut my garnishes and sautéed the green beans with red peppers and tossed ‘me in a chili garlic sauce. Each component found its home nestled in its own containers. My plates sealed in a Ziploc bag with gloves. I’m set.

i was on my way but had to make one stop to fill out my apparently 10 page application. I was at it again, whizzing through BOSTON traffic and then looking for parking. (Silly me; and I wasn’t paying for the $25 hourly’ nearby. But I made it, ca enough to tell you all about it.


My citrus glazed chickem, coconut rice and beans, with sautéed green beans are packed in a box beneath my chair (with a hot cop that probably chill by now) just waiting to be married together on the ceramic canvas. I’m just waiting to go in!  Sitting in rows with others, listening to their questions, naming our dishes, and imagining our results. (And now I’m waiting to eat.) I’ll tell you more as soon as there is more.


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