The Mystery of Black History Under the Rising Sun

Featured image is the work of  Maxine Helfman as featured on Huffington Post.

oK! So I’ve set out to see Tokyo through the eyes of Anthony Bourdain, following his No Reservations: Tokyo Travel Guide. I’ve crossed one of four restaurants (Sarashina Horii) off the list this weekend along with a Soba experience in the Yamanashi prefecture of Japan. But I think I’m off to create my own list. We’ll get back to his in a moment, but I’m participating in the production of a “Black History Month” celebration and I figured we’d see what Japan has to offer, from restaurants and caterers to mere inspiration. I’ll let you know what I find!

The weekend in Soba!

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  1. Bonsai says:

    Please do! I was “in the culture” 21 years. I’m not black (white as they come with freckles to boot!) but I married a Japanese man in 1982. It did not end well, but in any case I experienced many things. I will follow your adventure.

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