Baked Belize

I fed you from the heart of my father- a whole spread featuring Bananas Foster Pancakes and the simple, yet nostalgic satisfaction of the Belizean’s fry jack– the attractively golden, light, crispy, soft, and chewy fried bread, whose plush surface can be host to a number of toppings and perhaps fillings, the most common of which were butter and cheese in my home- courtesy of Aunty Donaldine.

As much as I intended to make this post a discourse on the fry jack, hopefully with a recipe to share to thank you for reading, I was distracted. My aunt hadn’t gone too far after the happenings of  the weeks past. This weekend, she magically appeared, with her gift in tow- a dry baking mix she likes to call powder, and she said she showed up just to make the powder bun, another mark of the Belizean kitchen. It’s a crumbly pastry, loaded with raisins and warming spices (milder than a gingerbread cookie), best right out of the oven and pairs well with the classically cold glass of milk.

Unfortunately, I don’t have that recipe for you either. Apologies. Her dry ingredients were already mixed before she arrived, and even if they weren’t, it seems the recipe has been a secret. She’s more than a home baker; this is her livelihood.  But I’ll work on it.
Nonetheless, if you’re in the mood for another tribute from some time ago, written to my baking aunt, a praise to another one of her Belizean baked treats, check out the link below. Flaky, buttery, and oozing from its fruity center- if you thought you loved PopTarts, you’d wanna try these Jam Rolls!
Thank you for reading! Don’t forget to share your thoughts and questions  in the comments below and share with a friend. Hope to see you again this week. IF not, I’ll see you Monday!

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