More Than a Cook

Memorial Day, the day we pay tribute to our fallen heroes. I admit, joining the Navy for me was result of no heroic ambition. I recognize the smallest risk associated with the commitment to military service but it’s not my desire to be a Navy SEAL. That said, I have a greater appreciation who have gone before me, and even after me- whose service took them to the front lines, whose last breath allow us to breathe our next.

This post is a nod of appreciation to Doris Miller who also was a cook in the Navy, in a much earlier, more hostile, day and time. At about my age, he was a Mess (Dining) Attendant who found himself ordered to attend to the developing battle scene at Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. Aiding the wounded and loading and firing on the assailant war planes. And he didn’t respond, “That’s not my job!”.  He survived Pearl Harbor and so did his legacy. Deserving of the Medal of Honor, he was awarded the Navy Cross and honored a number of times since. (There was a US Navy ship named after him.) Two years later, though, he died, sinking with a submarine in the Battle of Tarawa.

Respect to service members! Is there a fallen hero you’d like to honor? Give’em a shout out in the comments below.

Check out this article for a more detailed account.

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