Where’s the SLURPEES?: 7 Eleven #MyKinjo

Alright, I’ll admit I didn’t do my homework, so this post is going to depend your participation.

It’s been years since I walked into an American 7Eleven, and when I did,, it was for a SLURPEE and the 7Elevens here don’t seem to have any- so far.

SO what do they have?

Among friends who have experienced the wonder that is 7Eleven on this side of the world some favorites are as follows

  • Nikuman- Probably better known as steamed buns, hot puffy buns stuffed with fatty (nonetheless delicious) shredded pork and the option of other fillings.
  • Onigiri- Triangular nuggets of rice wrapped in nori (but separated by plastic sheets to preserve the crisp texture of the seaweed) stuffed with fillings range from tuna and mayo, salmon and mayo, teriyaki chicken, soft boiled eggs, umeboshi-pickled plum and a number of others.
  • Sushi- of course.
  • Full “TV” dinners/lunches- Okay not really, but they’re entrees- Japanese and maybe Italian.
  • Coffee- and plenty of it. They have they’re own automated brewer and a wall of hot and iced brands.
  • Chuhai- (Snatched directly from Wikipedia, but it checks out) Chūhai (チューハイ or 酎ハイ), often sold as ChuHi as a canned drink, is an alcoholic drink originating from Japan. The name is derived from “shōchū highball”.
  • Breads and desserts, including bean pasted and whipped cream stuffed pancakes (buttery, fluffy, creamy, delicious.

「japanese 7-eleven red beans and whipped cream pancake」の画像検索結果

(not my picture)

But this list could go on cataloguing the 7Eleven collection.

Beyond the foods, they’ve got ATMs were I find it easiest to withdraw Japanese currency. When I first got here, wifi was a necessity I didn’t have. And when I walked in to the store to feel my phone going off with all the missed alerts, I started returning to the store just for that. There’s also a copy machine (I don’t use it), toiletries, cleaning products, dinnerware, office supplies, and- despite the rush of Japanese culture- there’s the familiar sound of elevator music renditions of American classics like Baby Love by the Supremes.

Oh and they have garbage can. IF you’ve experienced Japan, you’ll know how big a deal that is. There aren’t many if any anywhere else (except vending machines) leaving you carrying your trash through town or that disapproved American ambassador leaving it in the street :).


But I’ve gotta run, if you’re in Japan, please tell our friends in the U.S. what we’re missing from this list. If you’re in the U.S. or anywhere there’s 7 & I Holdings, remind us how different Japanese 7Elevens are.

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