Yokosuka Shell

The quick blurb on Yokosuka Shell. An upgrade from our last stop at Launa in regards to the burger. It was a decent burger. Nothing too exciting, but a burger nonetheless.

A reminder of what makes a burger a Yokosuka Navy Burger:

– 100 percent beef patty with 20 percent fat, i.e.. no fillers
– Lightly seasoned but to include salt and pepper
– Sesame seed tops
– Ketchup and mustard available on the side only.

The day I visited Yokosuka Shell, the mist outside was thick. I had already walked past Tsunami- the place I think might be the ultimate finale- but their line was standing outside so I passed it up. I came to Shell, with the beautiful Betty Boop outside to greet me.

I stepped inside, to a place and a staff gently affected by the weather- not unpleasant, but less than the enthusiastic “Irashaimaseeee!” characteristic of much of Japan. The light was less then luminescent. But I continued. The printed menu had few offerings- not that it mattered. We’re here for the burger. But the food display outside and the cards overhanging the bar displayed another range of options.

My burger arrived, still glistening: lettuce, patty, onion, and tomato proudly poised on a sesame seed bun- somewhat warm but not toasty.

The burger was aight. A bit chewy/grisly, like one out of a bag of frozen duplicates. I’m pretty certain there was more lettuce than meet. Please be convinced though, it wasn’t bad. it was just a burger.

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