Without Further Ado…Lisa’s Cake Market

The doors are finally open! Taking “New year; new you” to another level, Lisa and her team at Lisa’s Cake Market opened the New Year with newly opened doors at the grand opening of her new shop. My! It’s beautiful! If you haven’t already been, now’s a great time to visit.

As usual, we have plenty of catching up to do. Far enough into the year that we’ve gotten real about our New Year Resolutions and close enough to Valentine’s Day, I’m planning to sweeten up the Tip of the Tongue with a series of posts featuring sweets of Japan inspired by a fellow blogger: Kantaro, Netflix’s Sweet Tooth Salaryman (#SweetToothTokyo). But considering all the local buzz, I figured what better place to begin than with Yokosuka’s very own Lisa’s Cake Market!

I introduced you to Lisa’s in the #MyKinjo series, in a post titled Short & Sweet. But there’s so much more. Lisa’s Cake Market is growing. I don’t think she’ll ever forget the memories or the intimate shape of her petite beginnings that her first shop has baked into mind. Nonetheless, there’s so much room for activity! It’s like popping open a bottle of red wine, and pouring it into a glass or decanter to allow it to breathe, that the diner may more fully appreciate its complexities. (With all this space, maybe we’ll finally move forward with my cake lessons?)

But I’m rambling now so let’s get into it; what’s new?

The shop, right around the corner from the former is bigger, adjoined to a parking lot with two spaces for customers for all of you that insist on driving! (For those of you not so keen on Japanese living, two parking spaces is a big deal.) This Sunday, two sparkling silver handles opened their gleaming glass doors to a joyous party. The music was going. There was no disco ball, but the shimmering smiles made up for that. Chatter of congratulations. And of course, there was cake!

Straight ahead is the kitchen, showcased behind a  framed glass window letting you peak into the magician’s hat. And it’s hard not to notice the whip attachment pendant lights and other decorative touches.

Clearly, you and the line forming behind you are now welcome to stand and gaze over the confections at the counter, compared to the one- or maybe two- people that could crowd into the shop before. Not only that but there’s more to look at, the larger display case and counter featuring desserts I’d never seen at the first store along with the classics: strawberry short cake, cheesecake, chocolate pie, etc.

But other than joining in the festivities, I was here to make a purchase for my friend Masaya: Mont Blanc cake, a birthday slice. I let Lisa pick the first treat I’d eat out of her new store. Her recommendation: pudding tart!

Lisa's Cake Market Mont Blanc cake (chestnuts) Rather than packed away in a box with an ice-pack, the tart would be handed to me on a plate. First, to the register, where I’d receive a stamp card!

Lisa's Cake Market at the registerHad these been offered since my first visit, I would have definitely made it through at least one already, though these point cards take a lot of work. For every purchase over 500 yen, you get a stamp. For every 25 stamps, you get 500 yen towards your purchase (based on my current understanding of Japanese). (I also spotted what looked like an espresso machine in the corner; but I didn’t see a menu. More details when I have them.)

I headed to the table, tart in hand. That’s right! Lisa’s Cake Market now has a table, seating four. Take it to go or stay and enjoy.

I was a little disappointed, though- just a little- because when she offered to serve it on a plate, I imagined that there would be some sort of ornate plating. Instead, it was simply taken out the case and placed on the plate- not necessarily taking away from how good it was. It was cool and creamy, holding its form yet almost oozing its custardy richness to the extents of your quivering tongue, your eyelids shutting to transmit your vision from the world before you to an abstract dimension in which you can conceptualize words like creamy and oozing. It reminded me of a creme caramel- the burnt sugar satisfaction of a supple creme brulee without the hindrance of a ramekin.

Lisa's Cake Market bitten raspberry macaroon

I was brought back by the almost airy yet chewy macaroons, its crust crumbling between my teeth, giving way to a cool, bright raspberry filling.

Lisa's Cake Market clean plate owarimashita

It’s your turn! Go check it out! Please tell her I sent you. And let me know which of her desserts you pick. Maybe hashtag it #MyKinjo or #LisasCakeMarket

Lisa’s Cake Market

** Now open Wed-Mon from 10am to 7pm

Za Tower House

〒 238 – 0012 Kanagawa-ken, Yokosuka-shī,

Yasuurachō, 2 Chome − 33 − 1[]



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