Strawberry Nandaro: #SweetToothTokyo Detour

I know what I told you, but you’ll have to forgive me. It seems that every time I mention a food tour, I end up on a detour. So, for now, I won’t tell you the details of the wonderful food tour ahead of us but Japan will only be a part of it. As we put our #SweetToothTokyo tour on the back burner. Just save some room for dessert.

By the way, in my absence, I did try this little okashi- a Japanese treat from 7Eleven. I’m not quite sure what it’s called though, and the Japanese people I’ve spoken to, even at 7 Eleven didn’t provide much clarification. It’s none the less comparable to strawberry daifuku the mochi street jammed with a strawberry.

This particular one though is comprised of a thin layer of mochi protecting a small cake round on which is an orbit of sweet cream with a strawberry at its center.

Quite a mouthful. The mochi excellently protects the fingers from the explosion within. The cake- I could guess its purpose but am not convinced of it. At its red core, the strawberry welcomes balance, fresh, sweet and tart. If you bite into this orb, be sure to get a bit of the strawberry in every bite.

That’s just the Tip of the Tongue but hope it satisfies your #SweetTooth for now…

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