#PostCards #SE43

Yikes! Another mission to get you caught up with all the catching up I’ve been doing.

I’ve been living in Japan with the idea that I would explore all of Asia (or at least most of it) on board a ship. But since I’ve been in Japan, that ship hasn’t left Japan. So just to make sure I didn’t miss it, I’ve charted out on a journey through at least the South East, visiting Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Until now, I haven’t taken much time to slow down and share (I hope you’ve been following the glimpses on Facebook). So we’ll get you caught up with some quick and sweet snapshots over the next several days in this Post Cards series: 3 South East Asian countries, for 4 days each (give or take) #SE43

The first one coming at you will be about my relaxed and inspiring trip to visit my friend’s restaurant in Ayutthaya, Thailand-  a former capital of Thailand and home of ancient temple ruins.


See ya soon!

(The picture at left is start of the journey, making my way from Yokohama, Japan to Narita Airport. The photo’s that don’t make it to the Post Cards will be uploaded to the album on Facebook @ChefTastebud)

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