Ticked Off

Mm. Hey Good Lookin’  Been a long time. Sorry to keep you waiting. Wanted to talk about Chopped. Got a little caught up, my typing time given to discussion posts and research papers. Also taken aback by our loss of Tony B. I intended to right him a homage- should have at least re-posted from the archives; but we’ll get back to that.

The Chopped talk is not so hot off the grill anymore but as long ago as it was, I feel some kind of way about not finishing the story. Had somebody ask me about it a couple weeks ago. Plus, someone invited me to participate in a rumored cook off this week! Doesn’t look like it’s gonna materialize though. Anywho, here’s to a comeback.

In short. I lost- again. But this time, I only made it to the entree round of the first level. Why? Same reason. Time. I’d been missing from the kitchen a bit and I guess we could call it cold feet. It was a long time since I’d worn the jacket, first time trying on some new shoes, and it felt weird. And the judges! Can we blame them? Of coooourse not! But they doubtlessly had something to do with it.

No I didn’t put forth the best product I could have but i am convinced that I was playing to standards the judges should’ve been looking for; but their eyes were caught by the inedible glitz and glitter on competitors plates, things I’ve learned to be a no-no in food-service.

They spoke well of my flavors and concepts but said that I was Chopped because of my presentation was lacking. That hurt too. It’s usually my strong suit! The judge responsible for “Chopping” me didn’t even look me in the face- bouncing his head from left to right avoiding me. (I don’t think I’m that ugly.)
I’m not arguing that my dish wasn’t lacking in presentation. It was. But if we’re judging the entirety of the dish against the others, I believe there were more severe reasons for them to be Chopped.

To the end though. Judging seemed inconsistent, as the winning dishes were less artistic then the competition’s, with noted remarks of fundamental flaws. I don’t want to take anything away from these cooks, but I feel like looking the judges in the face to offer a resounding, “C’mon man!” I wish they’d let me be a judge.

But I’m back in the kitchen now. Back in the game. Chef TasteBud’s getting the Tip of the Tongue wet again. #SweetToothTokyo Tour to be continued shortly! Look for it! Talk to you soon.

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