Hey! It’s me! It’s you! Not at all a long post, but just dropping in to say “Hi, I’m back.” Or maybe to say that I’m still here. Keeping up with you has gotten a bit harder lately, every time I think I’ve figured it out. Lots on the plate.  One of my new favorite Japanese words is 言い訳 (iiwake). It means excuse.

Anyhow, I spent the last week and a half traveling to and through Hokkaido- a time of rainfall and waterfalls, beer and curry, music and jams, and some glorious times worthy of the late Tony B.

Pictured is my friend Taku. He’s munching on the “Amerikan Raanchi” (“American Lunch”) I prepared for Kamui Chapel, as he gazes in wonder at the rolling hills and smiling sun of Asahikawa, Hokkaido. He’ll fill you in as soon as he’s done. Since I’ve got plenty more to catch up to with you here on the blog (#SweetToothTokyo), I hope you’ve noticed the hashtag #HokkaidoSummerSlice on Facebook and Twitter. I intend to post a series of short (short) stories loaded with pictures and a couple videos on Facebook @ChefTasteBud. Keep your eyes peeled.

Catch you later.

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