Timing’s Everything

Been away longer than I would have liked. In some of my nearly squandered time, I wandered across the two videos included either above or below and have been learning to choose and focus. Here’s some late night rambling on that journey.

I’ve spent much of it

But wanted to take a bit
And drop you a line
About the elusive: time.
It’s just a bit more fun
If these lines happen to rhyme.
Let me remind you,
I spend more at the chopping block
Especially lately
Than I do on the writers block.
But such is a decision.
One I wish I didn’t have to make
Cozy one pot chilli
Or dry’s and liquids weighed with precision
For that perfect cake I wish to bake.
To do it and know it
Or to tell it and show it.
The point is time.
We’ve only got so much.
Once it’s spent
You ain’t gettin it back
This rule can barely be bent
So let’s pick up the slack and stay on track.
On track? Which one?
Your choice, how the time you’ll scatter.
There’s always time to do the things that to us matter.
Don’t spend on what don’t need done.
Others make demands
And yes we’ve got our obligations.
But determine where priority stands
And consider where there’s room for variation.
Maybe there’s no hurry
But with every minute
Our time we bury.
Sorry, gotta go. Point I’m trying to make is our time is a valuable asset and how we spend one moment can determine our next. We often believe we “don’t have time to…” Whatever it is we’ve convinced ourselves we love or whatever dreams we’ve constructed.
We often say we don’t have time to cook. We’re all daily given the same amount of time a day though we’ve committed our time or find our time demanded in other areas. I won’t demand you cook but at least recognize its a choice. We have time for the things we take time to do. Focus. Priorities balance
That being said I’m plotting time to catch up about that tart and oh my these #whatthecookies!

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