I hope you’ve had a merry Christ mas and are shaping up for a sweet new year. You and I have been through quite a bit this year and I hope you’ve learned at least as much as I have. There’s plenty I look forward to chatting with you about.

Among those has been a mission to figure out the cookie, learning and exploring the craft and imagining countless flavors.  At its base, it’s so simple but can be built into something so prolific. In the meantime, here’s an this ultimate cookie trouble shooting guideI on my reading list. Among other things I was reminded of this year, things don’t always go as planned. But when you learn to assess and recognize things going awry, you can direct their recovery and reformation. Let’s not get too deep but when you know the parts of a cookie and what each ingrediebt, technique and other elements contribute to a recipe, yup can build on the basics without fear of your buttery (eh, #whatthecookie- vegans are welcomed too) crumb falling flat.

Here’s too cookie baking empowerment!

Here’s the link again for the trouble shooting guide.

Ultimate Cookie Troubleshooting Guide

Feel free to chime in at any point with tips and tricks you may have learned. I say tips and tricks but fundamentals are just as- rather more- valuable. Or even any questions you might have. Follow along here or read abd post with the hashtag #WhatTheCookie on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @ChefTasteBud.

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