We’ll Talk Soon!

Thanks again for reading! Thanks for liking, sharing, and subscribing. I might even write you a book one day for all your support. What do you think?

Pardon me as I rest my voice. We’ll get the ink flowing again shortly- kicking it of, as promised with our #WhatTheCookie exploration:

What makes a cookie a cookie?

How can you make a cookie a cookie? Recipes.

What else can we do with cookies?

Where to find good cookies maybe?

All about cookiieeees!

We’ll see where it takes us, but I’m thinking we’ll be spending a lot of time in the world of baking. I’m excited! Hope you are too.

If there’s ever anything you want us to learn about or anything you wanna chat about, just let me know. Questions, recipe requests, or suggestions? Shoot me an email at cheftastebud@hotmail.com or find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @ChefTasteBud.

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