For the Love of Cooking! 5 Tips to Love Your Time in the Kitchen

Breathtaking aromas, melodious rhythms, smiling faces- not to mention the rolling beads of sweat. This is the kitchen. This is cooking. Happy Thanksgiving to all. I’ve spent the last 5 away from home, but no matter where I am, Thanksgiving takes me back, to memories of crowded kitchens- with most if not all of my…

Fightin’ Words #ThankInJapan

The house fills with the warmest aroma of the fruit of the cacao pod, gushing forth from the opened oven door. The amalgamous cluster of cookie dough- the richest of butters, the finest of flours, the sweetest of sugars- oozing forth from the deep chocolate oases, speckled with the salt left behind by the vanishing…

What Words: a Mother’s Day Nibble

Many mothers wish to hold their babies as the cute, cuddly creatures they gave birth to. “You’ll always be my baby.” This Mother’s Day, I’m giving my Mommy that younger me with a heart of appreciation.

Shogatsu: My New New Year

    I missed it!¬†Well sort of. I left you a message on Christmas Eve. If you haven’t seen it I should remind you that 2016 was a busy year in which some terrific and some terrible things occurred. This year proves to be just as busy so far. Between some activities at work and…

Happy New Year 2017

Wishing you a happy new year in this video. for a recap of 2016 and a preview of 2017