Cutting Edge: Prepping for “Chopped”

Tomorrow’s the day. The name of the game is Chopped. The object of the game is to not be Chopped: mystery basket cooking competition:3 courses, 4 mystery ingredients, and at least 70 minutes of intense cooking. We’ll start with 4 cooks, but only one will be named Chopped Champion! Am I nervous? Not yet. It’s…

#YokoChopped: Cutting It Close

I guess the loss may have troubled me more than it initially did. A couple of hours later and I was feeling a bit uneasy. I was hungry, tired, and I think a bit frustrated. I don’t think I was as upset with myself as I was confused, trying to figure out why this trait…

#YokoChopped: Making the Cut

    I’ve sat in front the TV many evenings. The cleaver comes flying down in the midst of the letters C-H-O-P-P-E-D to the suspenseful, gameshow-like music. The competitors are introduced and welcomed, and the somewhere-between-cavalier-and-prestigious voice of Ted Allen makes clear the rules: “Welcome, chefs! Here are the rules: There are three rounds- mandatory ingredients for each course….

Would You Make it on Chopped?: Day 1

4 cooks, 3 rounds, and 4 ingredients per round, but only one winner. Below are the required mystery ingredients from the first day of completion and the allowed times. What masterpiece would you prepare? Would you triumph or would you be CHOPPED?