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Hey there! Robert Flowers here, the fingers on the keyboard. I am forever a culinary student, occasionally a teacher and personal chef- practicing culinary arts, with an emphasis on the word arts. I now get to wear the title Culinary Specialist  as a cook in the United States Navy. As much as I enjoy cooking,  I have come to the admittance that I probably enjoy eating more than I do cooking. In fact, I love food in all it’s aspects.

I entered the field knowing that the possibilities are increasingly endless. Nevertheless, I have grasped a gravitation towards the artistic aspects of the field among others: as you can see, food writing, supplemented by food styling and photography.Before I decided to seriously consider food writing, I figured the best way to find out was to just try it out. I put the mind, the tongue, and the fingers to work and here you have the Tip of the Tongue!- an exploration of all things food: from recipes to restaurant visits and reviews, philosophical remarks, and my travel’s across the globe.


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  1. Robert!

    I’m coming back to NYC to do the Chelsea Music Festival again this year, but this time I am collaborating with Sonar Saikia and Chef Hinnerk VonBargen. I wanted to know if you were available for another round of fun! Let me know if thta might work for you!

    Chef Lance

    1. tottblog says:

      Chef Lance!
      I’ve heard, and I’ve love to! Unfortunately these words usually precede an excuse. 🙂 I will be working in Boston by that time. As I get situated and as the time nears, I’ll have a more definite answer. You know that if it works for me, I’ll be working for you! Till next time…

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