Happily Ever After

If you’ve been paying attention, sorry I’m so late. If you haven’t paid attention, my! I’ve got some news for you! The 41st annual Military Culinary Arts Competitive Training event concluded with an awards ceremony on the 11th of March. This post has been weeks in the writing so I’ll avoid any suspense.


For each of the two categories I participated in, cold foods table display and the mobile kitchen trailer hot food challenge, I received a bronze medal. I wasn’t necessarily satisfied with the- dare I say?- end result, having recognized room for improvement, but I was pleased with my progress. This was my first time in the competitive arena, especially at this caliber. More than half the time spent preparing was spent in a category or a dish that I ended up trading in. The road traveled continues. I wrestled with the term “end result” because I know this is not the end. I will continue to compete, driving myself and my peers to better ourselves. Be on the lookout!


Besides me though, the Navy’s Culinary Arts Team walked away with 2nd place, or first runner up if you please, for Culinary Team of the Year, first place awarded to the Army installation team of Hawaii; their team is no stranger to first place. For what It’s worth, there was a Navy Petty Officer on their team!!! To come away with second, and to know where we messed up, while frustrating, is inspiring and gives life to the hope that if we just tighten up, first place is with in our grasp.

I once shared a post with you called This is Life, showing you the initial phases of our culinary training, showing you the pleasures of working within your passion. There’s so much more to tell you but these past few weeks have been a bit busy trying to get back into the work flow that supports that blissful thing I call life. Some of the team is even on deployment now. But stay with me! I’ve got pictures to show you, and recipes to teach you. Also, I’d love to hear from you! Please share you questions or thoughts here on the Tip of the Tongue or @





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