Professionalism: MasterChef Update

“This is a very professional looking plate,” the casting judge said, uttering perhaps the most perplexing, formidable words that evening. In the window of one to three days, all participants at the MasterChef open call would know whether they’d be advancing to the next step. Well, simply said, 3 days has come and gone, about 3 times as I looked through those window panes in hopeful anticipation. I gave them plenty of time should they have wrestled with their decision or perhaps misplaced my contact info. But I’m no longer waiting.
Would it have been cool to be featured on even the opening episode of MasterChef‘s next season? I think yes. Yet am I disappointed? No. Sure, I want things to go well and desire to succeed in all that I apply to. I’m merely seizing every opportunity within my grasp but think it unrealistic to expect all of those to morph into the picture of success.
But I have no intention of stopping or even slowing down. I gave it my best that day; and my best today would be defined by a different set of terms. We could teeter a line of what-if’s and if-only’s  about that day. I could blame the casting crew or tear myself to shreds in thinking that I’m not what they were looking for, but what’s the use? (It would be cool if they found a spot for me on another show though, considering their profession is casting rather than MasterChef being their career.) I am still a cook and will continue to live life in proof of it. My Chopped application is already in! 😀 Hopefully, they get to it before its time for me to relocate.
This hasn’t been a rant but merely an update. Maybe it has even, in one way or another, inspired you. Recognize you’re destined for greatness! Along the way, you’ll cross bridges of opportunity. But don’t be discouraged by the appearance of uneventful opportunities or wrong turns. Stay on track and keep pushing, remembering that you’ve got somewhere to be.

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