Hangin’ at Nanjya Monjya #YoCafe


One social media pro that seems to be keeping on the pulse of what to do in Japan is Red Duck Post. I tried to get them to let me tag along but they left me hanging. I think though that I’ve only made it to one of their suggested destinations: Nanjya Monjya Cafe. I was disappointed in myself in that I had learned of the cafe before Red Duck posted it but I’d never made it out there. And when Red Duck got to credit, it was time to go.

Pride aside, I made the journey on a Saturday afternoon. Out of the Subway I was onto a mystery walk to this mysterious treehouse cafe. All I knew is that it’s somewhere- somewhere up there. I followed the navigation as best I could but one misstep led me down the wrong path, leading me to walk in circles around the destination.

Relieved, I had finally arrived, assuming that was the reason for the line. Drawing I saw the same tree from the video. Standing there on this line, I tried to take in as much as I could. After a while, my mind drifted to the Hundred Acre Woods of childhood, bound to see Christopher Robin or Pooh Bear hanging around this sweet tree- and treehouse, grown in Yokohama’s backyard.

My imagination was interrupted by the incessant click of cameras and the buzz of conversation wafting into the air, weaving through the trees bodacious branches.

Time in line allowed time to contemplate the beauty of the wooden palace, if we can call it that. There was just this sense of ease, the same one I. Imagine one feels rocking in a wooden chair, sweet tea, the nectar of the south flowing through their straw as they smile to the sounds of the neighborhood kids playing and the dogs barking, the occasional cricket chirping, as the cat sneaks by and the sun takes cover.

But in reality, I was standing in line. And at the back of that line. (Somebody skipped me.) I passed the time taking in the sights and sounds described above, hearing the whirring blender and the clank of washed plates and silverware listening to other’s conversations, noting possibly the first treehouse I ever saw before me. I also got a chance to pretend to read the menu.

When it was finally my turn, I maneuvering my way up the wooden ladderwell. The hostess asked me to peak at the “attic” where they would seat me to be sure I was limber enough to fold into it. But another space opened up in the “dining room” below. There is also outdoor seating.

I don’t know if we call the place vintage, quirky, or a recycle shop. The place was playfully fitted with repurposed chairs, tables, instruments, and toys.

French Toast Bagel from the website…

If you want to get the most out of visiting this café, be sure to visit early as there is a limited number of food items available throughout the day, weather permitting. I wanted to try the French toast bagel, but by the time I got there no food was available and I settled for a cup of black coffee. Meh. It wasn’t bad; it was just coffee. And I didn’t bring enough yen to taste multiple items. Cash only.

Nanjya Monjya treehouse black coffee wooden tABLE.JPG

Advertised Drink Menu


If you’re going to Nanjya Monjya, I pretty sure the only reason is because it’s in a cool treehouse. But it’s not too far from Yokohama station; if you’re already in the area, might as well give it a visit. Otherwise find some other things to do nearby to make the most of your trip.

I climbed down from the tree and was off into the night. I’d finally made it.

Nanjya Monjya

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Open Mon-Sat, 12pm-5:30 pm

221-0853Yokohama5-55 Mitsuzawa Higashimachi


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