Biscoff Cookies: The Silver Lining #PostCards #SE43

You’re still there?! Thanks for sticking around. We left off in Cambodia and we’ll wrap up soon. But I just wanted to take a moment and give a quick shout out to Biscoff cookies, a Belgium original. Travel can be exciting, but the flight between the point of origin and the destination hasn’t always been my favorite part of the journey, though it’s gotten better. But one thing to look forward to, beyond security checkpoints, cramped legs and popping ears are complimentary, in-flight snacks- my favorite being Biscoff, especially since those snack packs have become smaller over the years. It was either on a Delta flight, or from the hands of my grandmother after one of her Delta shifts years ago that I  was introduced to the crisp, crumbly cookie with the gingerbread notes of molasses melting into each of the papillae of the tongue.

As I’ve grown, so has the cookie, born in Belgium and, as far as I can tell, spread by Delta. It has since evolved into a cookie spread and served on waffles. I’m sure there’s plenty of other uses too. Check out this article for more details on the cookie. They are pretty good with coffee.

While we’re at it Tokyo Banana is alright I guess. Don’t be mad at me. In between my travels, I grabbed a pack. Seams like a spongie Twinkie (no offense) with banana pudding. Pudding seems naturally flavored but I don’t think the cakes are much to rave about. Just putting it out there.

But I gotta run. I’ll get the rest of these #PostCards out to you next week!

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