WisdomTeeth #SweetToothTokyo

Time to get this Sweets Tour back on track, but before we do, just wanna remind you where we’re coming from…

Tip of the Tongue

Not the biggest sucker for sweets; if I’m gonna eat them, it’s gotta be worth it- rich, decadent, and doubtlessly dessert. So far in Japan, many desserts have left me longing for more- and likely to contain bean paste which is weird for us Westerners, granted that’s beginning to change (7-Eleven’s dorayaki with whipped cream?).

Netflix’s Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman, drew me in though, to take a bigger bite. The Salaryman has an intense passion for sweets, enough for him to change careers, becoming a salesman in Tokyo. His sales trips are merely a cover for his mission of sampling Tokyo’s best. But too good to keep to himself, he spills on his blog.

The series is plush with what has come to be called food porn, questioning the morality of enjoying such a show.

There are more groom, more synoptic trailers; this was the only one with English…

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