My latest…

It’s late but stealing a few moments to fill you in, as I’ve promised to take you along for the journey as I figure it out. Life has been picking up lately, leaving me to play catch-up. Just so you know whats up ahead, or at least what’s in my head, here’s what I’ve been thinking:

#SweetToothTokyo came to an end at a shop called Minimal in Shibuya, a chocolate shop sourcing chocolate in its purest form from the countries that produce them, including many from Africa and South America. They didn’t have what I was looking for, as the dessert featured on Kantaro was prepared as one of their seasonal chocolate featured recipes, leaving me looking like some fan club enthusiast. I did get to try a variety of their chocolates and had a cacao smoothie, made from the pulp of the cacao fruit and not the bean we know as chocolate. Reminded me a bit of soursop.

I’ve been working on my baking lately, and haven’t been doing a great job of keeping you posted but have taken plenty of pictures. When I moved into the #Inkwell that is DC, I bought about 35 pounds of flour, intending to encourage my transformation of flour into some of the most basic baked goods. I’ve recently baked my best loaves with some help from Ruhlman’s Ratio.

On the topic of Ruhlman, I’m not proud to be so far behind by in 2014, he published a book called Grocery: The Buying and Selling of Food in America. I wouldn’t bring up my delinquency if it wasn’t so rich in conversation.

Can’t wait to update you more thoroughly. Pics coming. Posts on the way!

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